This initiative began as a Facebook Group created by students who were seeking to engage in a higher standard of dialogue in the discussions related to Islam. With our article posts in our group being pretty well received, we decided to try and reach a wider audience and thus Islamic Discourse Initiative(IDI) was founded.

The initial goal is to provide authentically researched analyses and contextually sound commentary on socio-poltical issues that concern our Ummah.

In the longer run we hope to build a proper platform where Muslims can research, learn and reconnect with our scholarly tradition.

While the challenges we face are many, and the resources and time we have been afforded are few, we have the utmost confidence in our team and absolute faith in Allah. Our cause is noble and if Allah wills it, we will achieve our goals.

Everyone is welcome to contribute.

Please send your articles to contribute@islamicdiscourseinitiative.com for reviewing.