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Our Team

Ahmad Ibn Mosharraf
Politics and history

Ahmad Hussain is an aspiring historian with an interest in politics, theology and fiqh. His research focuses on how social culture, power dynamics and factional affiliations influence narratives.

Ibn Mosharraf is the name he uses to honor his late father.

Abdullah Moataz

Abdullah Moataz is a student of Hadith. His current research focuses on clarifying the modern misunderstandings regarding the Hadith sciences and its evolution throughout history.

Follow him on Twitter @AboYahyaAM

Abdullah Feras

Abdullah Feras is a student of hadith. His current research spans the study of the hadith sciences along with the historiography of early Shi’ite primary sources.

Follow him on Twitter @AbdullahBiqai

Nadeem Dawud

Nadeem Dawud is a Historian who specializes in Subcontinental and African History. His research analyzes how Racism influences Political and Social Dynamics within and between Communities.

Follow him on Twitter @Ndawud