ASSESSING NIGERIA Part II: Political History

Since becoming Independent in 1960, Nigeria’s political history has been marred by several intricacies – tribal clashes, religious wars, oil wars, military coups etc.About 75% of Post-Independent years were spent under military rule and dictatorship.However,Nigeria has never got as violent as some of its African counterparts; like Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and […]

Common Objections against God: A Cursory Analysis

Introduction The existence of opposing views in rational beings, as us, is inevitable given the complexity of the nature in which we live in. Thus, debates discussion and reasoning regarding the difference has been an integral part of human history. Islam, as a religion, promotes the concept of rational discussion and dialogue between different groups […]

Assessing Nigeria: An introduction

By: Umar Abu Ammar Bin Ahmad Nigerians went to the polls in 2015 and elected Muhammadu Buhari as the new President. There were high hopes that the former Military President would develop the oil-rich nation. His campaign mantra of ‘change’lifted the spirits of most Nigerians, who hoped for change after going through the nightmare of […]

Rowe’s Argument from Evil – A Case of Illegitimate Noseeum Assumptions: Part I

By Fahim Faruk (Guest Contributor)  Original Submission: PP209 (course code: Philosophy of Religion), Wilfrid Laurier University  Throughout the history of the philosophy of religion, a plethora of arguments in natural theology and atheology have been developed. However, relatively few arguments enjoy the sort of universal recognition that the forceful problem of evil has attained especially […]

The irrationality of atheism and the self-evident truth of God

God and Self Evident Truth

By Muhammad Ahmed Zeeshan Qureshi One of the characteristics of self-evident truths is that they are intuitive. Such truths are just there in our minds without being taught. For instance, no one ever teaches children that the past is real, no one ever explains that past did really happen, we just know that it happened. […]

Jihad: Between Reactionism and Decolonialism

Is praying Jihad?

What is Jihad? ‘Jihad’ is derived from the word, ‘Jaahada’ and it draws upon the fourth verb structure, which means interaction between two sides, al-Mufa’ala. Another example is ‘Al-Khisaam’ which means to quarrel and is taken from its roots source – Khaasama. Also, there is the example of ‘Jidaal’, which means to discuss or to […]