Decolonization and Nation-Building In Pakistan: Islam or Secularism?


Pakistan was created after a post-colonial struggle based on an Islamically motivated mobilization against non-Muslims-both the British colonizers and Hindus. The political elite that led the anticolonial struggle initially used Islam to mobilize the masses, but once it came to power, it chose a secular and monolingual nation-state model with excuse of maximizing their national […]

Review: Aurangzeb – The life and legacy of India’s most controversial King


Authored by Audrey Truschke, this book is a refreshing read that objectively assesses the complex personality of Aurangzeb and faithfully summarizes the major events of his reign and the contexts around them. Professor Truschke does well in identifying the key problems that are within the popular(and maligned) perspectives towards Aurangzeb and his reign in modern […]

Apostasy: Beyond the Rhetoric

“Why are Muslims doubting their religion? Why is it that there seems to be many leaving the faith? Why is apostasy on the rise?” It is an oft-asked question among many circles. Muslims and non-Muslims. And the answer varies depending on who you are asking. It ranges from, “Islam is a barbaric ideology” to “They […]

The mirage of Islamic solidarity


Elections are nearing in all Muslim countries. And now is the appropriate time for Muslim leaders to win the popular vote of the invaluable Muslim constituents in their countries by engaging in fiery rhetoric against the kuffar and the zalimun. And like always Erdogan is at the forefront. This time he has taken it up a […]

Incoherence of Darwinism

Even if we combine all the intelligent effort of mankind, and even if make use of all the power we and all other creations possess, and dedicate all our research, science and technology, we can never originate a new species. Shouldn’t this alone be a good enough reason to have a serious intuitive doubt about […]

Irrationality of some ‘rational’ thinkers

There are those who, in order to buttress their arguments against the God and religion, love to again and again use the words such as logic and rationality. They talk as if there is a clean and simple dichotomy: Religion is irrational, bound up with stupid, unreasonable superstitions, emotions, and wishful thinking and their ideas […]

Feminism: Issues and Discourses within the Muslim Community


This isn’t a comprehensive essay that will break down the many strands of feminism. It’s a long and complex discourse that will take more than one article to explain. At least for those who honestly wish to understand feminism for what it is. This essay is simply to highlight the common issues and misunderstandings in […]

Does the Big-Bang Theory Point to God?: Part I

By Ebu Aydin (guest contributor) Student of the Risale-i-Nur  Post-graduate Philosophy Student Melbourne University [This] is a paper I submitted for a Philosophy of Science subject I took.  The question I tackled was: Does the Big Bang theory point to God?  In it, I argue that even if the standard Big Bang theory turns out […]

ASSESSING NIGERIA Part II: Political History

Since becoming Independent in 1960, Nigeria’s political history has been marred by several intricacies – tribal clashes, religious wars, oil wars, military coups etc.About 75% of Post-Independent years were spent under military rule and dictatorship.However,Nigeria has never got as violent as some of its African counterparts; like Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and […]

Common Objections against God: A Cursory Analysis

Introduction The existence of opposing views in rational beings, as us, is inevitable given the complexity of the nature in which we live in. Thus, debates discussion and reasoning regarding the difference has been an integral part of human history. Islam, as a religion, promotes the concept of rational discussion and dialogue between different groups […]