Nuance in Praise and Criticism of Hadith: An Example in Objectivity


In modern times Hadith is often subject to a variety of misconstrued analyses which aim to undermine the historical authenticity of the Muslim Hadith corpus. Most of these analyses usually conclude with accusations, allegations and conspiracy theories where dishonest contentions are presented as valid arguments. However, a careful review of these contentions is enough to […]

The Legend of Al-Bukhari: A Problematic Framework


Al-Bukhari is arguably the most important hadith figure of Sunni Islam, yet what do people actually know about him or his book? Though there are many popular lectures on Al-Bukhari in both English and Arabic (and other languages presumably), much of the material is sensationalized information that has a basis, or just completely baseless material. […]

Hadith: A Historical Case

The debate regarding the reliability of the Hadith Method is a popular debate of many grave implications today. In contemporary Islamic discourse, it is common to observe the absolute/partial rejection of hadith. Some Muslims, for various reasons, end up dismissing the content of numerous authentic reports, implicitly dismissing the methodology behind the verification of those reports. […]

Abu Dawud: A Case Study in Reliability and Authenticity

  Presented below is a case study on the reliability of Abu Dawud, and the authenticity of his Sunan. While the subject is obviously Abu Dawud, a greater principle may be derived from the essay: Trust in the major hadith compilers is based upon reason, not arbitrary, blind faith. If Allah so wills, this essay […]

Hujiyyah Al-Sunnah: A Qur’anic Perspective

Hujjiyyah Al-Sunnah or the “Authority of the Sunnah” is a subject covering the authority of the Prophet’s statements in both a theological and historical sense. In a theological sense it answers the questions, “Is a Prophetic statement authoritative in religion? Do I have to follow the Prophet’s teachings not found in the Qur’an?” In a […]

Istighatha: Making Du’a to the Creation of Allah

Istighatha: Definition and Ruling Istighatha – and its synonym Isti’ana – in the Arabic language means “pleading for help” [1]. In the context of the study of Aqeedah, what is intended by this term is “Isti’ana bi-Ghayr Illah”, which refers to making Du’a to any entity other than Allah [2]. Du’a is a petition to […]

Decolonization and Nation-Building In Pakistan: Islam or Secularism?


Pakistan was created after a post-colonial struggle based on an Islamically motivated mobilization against non-Muslims-both the British colonizers and Hindus. The political elite that led the anticolonial struggle initially used Islam to mobilize the masses, but once it came to power, it chose a secular and monolingual nation-state model with excuse of maximizing their national […]

Review: Aurangzeb – The life and legacy of India’s most controversial King


Authored by Audrey Truschke, this book is a refreshing read that objectively assesses the complex personality of Aurangzeb and faithfully summarizes the major events of his reign and the contexts around them. Professor Truschke does well in identifying the key problems that are within the popular(and maligned) perspectives towards Aurangzeb and his reign in modern […]

Apostasy: Beyond the Rhetoric

“Why are Muslims doubting their religion? Why is it that there seems to be many leaving the faith? Why is apostasy on the rise?” It is an oft-asked question among many circles. Muslims and non-Muslims. And the answer varies depending on who you are asking. It ranges from, “Islam is a barbaric ideology” to “They […]

The mirage of Islamic solidarity


Elections are nearing in all Muslim countries. And now is the appropriate time for Muslim leaders to win the popular vote of the invaluable Muslim constituents in their countries by engaging in fiery rhetoric against the kuffar and the zalimun. And like always Erdogan is at the forefront. This time he has taken it up a […]