Is Islamophobia Racism? An Interview with S. Sayyid

Recent attempts at trying to formalize the definition of Islamophobia have been met with scrutiny. Salman Sayyid responds to this criticism in this interview. Salman Sayyid begins by stating that Islamophobia interdicts citizenship i.e. the practice perpetuates a form of racism against Muslims. The National Police Chiefs Council(NPCC) states that the current definition of Islamophobia […]

Review: Riding the Tiger of Modernity by Abdal Hakim Murad

It has been long overdue but better late than never I suppose. Watching this lecture, I came to understand why Abdal Hakim Murad aka Timothy Winter is such a reverent figure among Muslims. He has a fascinating way of constructing narratives that make people agree with him easily. I will start off with the positives […]

Skin Colour and Scarves: The Role of Muslim women as Guardians of Islamic culture in the South Asian Diaspora in the United Kingdom

The most visible element of the Muslim community in the United Kingdom is, without doubt, women. Islam is present on their skin and very often their clothing. Skin colour and scarves are reliable ways to quickly identify a Muslim woman. That identification often leads to violence; islamophobic attacks, at their most visceral and brutal level, […]

Abortion: Beyond the polemics

Recently Alabama and Georgia passed new laws on Abortion.1 The new laws are so extreme that it was even criticized by a televangelist.2  In contrast to New York a few months back3, these two states have gone the opposite direction eliciting nationwide outrage from activists and celebration from conservative circles. As is the case, some […]

The Quranist Fallacy: How Quranism Ultimately Undermines the Quran’s Authenticity

In the 20th century, a fundamentalist doctrine, known as Quranism, began to emerge which called for the sole reliance upon the Quran as a source of Islamic law and guidance. Proponents of this new doctrine thus rejected the authority of traditions ascribed to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, known as hadiths. The basis upon which these calls […]

Hadith and The Myth of the Telephone Game

A common argument today that attempts to undermine the reliability of hadith is the claim that the transmission of hadith is analogous to that of the Telephone Game. The Telephone Game  (also known as Chinese Whispers) is a children’s game where a message is initiated by a player and consequently whispered through a series of […]

Global Capitalism in Perspective

When Adam Smith’s much celebrated and equally venerated book, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, or The Wealth of Nations for short, was published in 1776 he had prosperity at the back of his mind. The Western branch of economic studies took a new turn after the groundbreaking publication by Smith. The […]

The Question of Hadith and Politics


A concern that regularly surfaces amidst discussions on the reliability of early Islamic primary sources is whether the authorship of those sources was under direct influence of governments and political authorities of the time. Such appeals put the integrity of those sources into question: how can we rely on sources that were prone to influence by a multitude of external factors that may have compromised the integrity and sanctity of their contents?

The Authentic Signs of the Hour

A compilation of the authentic narrations of our Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) regarding the Islamic Eschatology or the End-times. Eschatology is a fascinating topic for many. However even among Muslims there is a habit of spreading exaggerated or even fabricated reports for the sake of sensationalism and sometimes personal agendas. This report Insha Allah will give […]