We are a team of students who dedicate our free time for the purpose of researching, translating, organizing and summarizing the knowledge related to Islamic Discourses for the laymen.

We hope our content will be of use to our brothers and sisters.

Ahmad Ibn Mosharraf
Director of Research

Ibn Mosharraf is an aspiring political theorist and historian. His area of interests cover the socio-political and geopolitical issues relevant to the Muslim Community.


He currently works as a web developer and dedicates his free time to Academic Research and Management of the IDI Team.

Syed Shaheeruddin Ahmed

Shaheer is a PhD candidate with a specialty in Mirco-Particles.


His interests cover Theology and Philosophy. Shaheer has a vast repository of knowledge and experience as he has been working with the pioneers of Islamic Apologetics since its nascent days. 

Ikram Al Islam

Ikram al-Islam is a student of Islamic Theology and Applied Jurisprudence. Shafi’ in Fiqh and Athari in Aqeedah, his primary areas of research include natural theology and political philosophy.

Fahim Ayman Faruk

Fahim Ayman Faruk is a student of psychology, an entrepreneur and a fitness instructor. Hanafi in Fiqh, Maturidi in Creed, a charming orator, an avid reader and a gifted writer, Fahim is one of the key contributors for the IDI team.


His area of research mainly covers the issues related to the Muslim Youth and he takes an active interest in Discourses related to Aqeedah and Fiqh.

Abdullah Feras

Abdullah Feras is a Hadith Student.


Abdullah’s research also covers the historiography of the Hadith Narrators and Compilers and how scholars of different eras used these Hadith as a basis to strengthen their respective Madhabs. Follow his personal blog to get more in-depth insights into his ongoing research.


Abdullah also has an active interest in the socio-political developments in the Middle East.

Abdullah Moataz

Abdullah Moataz is a student of Hadith and a regular contributor at The Sunni Defense.

His area of research covers the historiography of the Uloom of Hadith and genealogy of Hadith Narrators. Follow him on Twitter for excerpts of his ongoing research.

Muhammad Ahmed Zeeshan

Muhammad Ahmed Zeeshan is a student of Political Science and a contributor at Pakistan Today.


He has a wide range of interests which includes history, philosophy, languages, politics, and religion. He regularly shares his fascinating insights on these issues in his personal pages.

Hassan R

Hassan R has an active interest in Postmodernism and Critical Studies.

Fahim Hassan

Lutful Hassan is a Computer Science student. His main area of interest are topics related to Islamic Apologetics such as Theology and Philosophy.

Ali Ashraf

Ali Ashraf is an activist whose long-standing experience in working with various organizations in multiple countries have been invaluable to IDI. 


Ali helps with the management and promotion of the website. He is also the director for the upcoming Podcasts.

Mohamad El-Qut

Founder of IDI. Mohamad was the one who brought together the IDI team, stemming from his desire to address the Modernist Contentions.


Mohamad helps with the management of the IDI team and promotion of the content on digital platforms.

Ibn Khaldun

Ibn Khaldun is the author of the upcoming book, Revival: The Islamic Blueprint to Nation Building. 


Ziko is an activist who has been in the field of dawah for the past ten years interacting with various personalities from different backgrounds. His area of interest covers Usul Al-Fiqh and Islamic Finance.

Aminul Huda

Aminul Huda is a Dhaka University Graduate with an active interest in Philosophy and Political Science.


With his vast knowledge from reading a wide range of literature Aminul’s insights play a key role in the research direction and the composition of the content in IDI.

Abu Ammar Ahmad

Abu Ammar is a programmer who hails from Nigeria. He takes a keen interest in the politics of the Middle East and Africa.


Abu Ammar helps curate the content in IDI.